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Nikita DriscollNikita Driscoll

Hi Sam,

The neuropthamologist started me on Lamictal and artificial tears. It’s too early to see if they help. I’ve tried dietary, exercise, and medication/yoga. Really, they’re all good lifestyle choices, but didn’t alter the visual snow at all.

Because of that, I usually try to modify my environment so that it’s less stressful (less extraneous visual and auditory stimuli). I use a flashcard to read, use public transportation, and really listen to my body. If my brain fog is heavy, I switch to work that requires less heavy concentration. If I am clear-minded, I will powerhouse through projects. I’ve noticed that I work better between 7-11 at work. So I make sure to use that time efficiently. Also, if it just gets to be too much and my brain feels overwhelmed (I think the VS might me instigating migraine headaches), I will take myself to bed early (this happens almost once a week).

I’m not sure if that helps you at all, but that’s currently what’s working for me.

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