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Especially in the beginning i tried so hard to find things which would help to alleviate the symptoms. Didn’t find many things. ASMR/calm music helps me to forget tinnitus in the evening. When studying, i remember to let myself have breaks if i’m starting to brain fog too much.

I have also found some things that worsen the symptoms; unstable life rythms, alcohol, hangover.. (although if you drink alcohol, remember to drink water too!) Those make everything just so much worse. I also tried to eat some pills a doctor signed for me, but they just gave me a massive headache, nothing else.

However, because of going to gym and trying some mew supplements, i started to use BCAA’s (amino-acids; leucine, isoleucine & valine) And then one day i realized that they help me with brain fogs & make me feel much more concentrated and better in general. Also the visual snow flickering doesn’t feel that bad at those times when i’ve had some.

It doesn’t help only for the gym, but for some reason i feel like my VS symptoms alleviate a decent amount when using some BCAA’s. So i could maybe suggest you to TRY to eat more some BCAA-rich food, maybe try some BCAA drinks? I can’t promise it’ll help but i think it’s at least worth trying.

For them who are not that familiar with BCAA’s, they are already naturally found in your body and play a big part in for example your protein synthesis, so i’m not suggesting you to put some weird foreign stuff in your body. You can also google about them if you want 🙂

hope this helps, let me know if you try it?

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