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This time last year, I started to get VS after I believe I caught a flu. The day I caught he flu I experienced a headache like nothing I’ve felt before, it complete disable me, I couldn’t walk fast and my head felt like it was going to explode. I’m a easy going fit 27 year old which no ill health history, so this was concerning to me.

Im not sure if this all related, but a day or two later I notice my vision deteriorated, like having bad reception on a TV with floaters and  extreme light sensitively . I remember looking at my boss standing 20 metre away and thinking I could not see him.

Like we have, I went to a GP doctor, the eye hospital,  a neurologist  and underwent all examinations ( MRI, CT, xrays, blood test etc), which all came back normal and these medical professional had no clue as to what it was. I finally did enough research online and figured out it may be VS. I booked an appointment with a neuro-ophthalmologist  but couldn’t get an appointment for months!  I recall trying a number of different medications to see what would work to fix my vision.

My Third week with VS,  after trying a number of different medications I took took Ibuprofen  which dramatically improved my vision by 80%! I don;t why this helped, it may have to do something with minimising the inflammation that was causing the VS…. I don’t know… This treatment may have been more effective given it was taken in the initial stages of my VS episode. So I recommend trying this first  if this is relatively new to you! There’s no harm in it.

It’s been a year since then and I’d say my vision is back to 90-95%. I still experience very mild VS, still have the floaters, a weird burst of light/blur that I see when I move my eyes when looking at light ( maybe this is called Starburst) , moderate tinnitus in the right ear, Eustachian tube disfunction  and some headaches… I don’t know whats linked to the VS or not.  I don’t suffer from anxiety or depression in factor I’ve been described as too relaxed!

I’ve worked out the headaches are relieved by neck stretches and exercises. Meditation and exercise ( particularly heavy  cardio) assist with the tinnitus  and Eustachian tube disfunction.

Once I saw neuro-ophthalmologist, she recommended I conduct Electrophysiology Eye Testing among other tests, which came back all normal. She determined it was VS and gave me a daily dose of Lamotrigine. I found that Lamotrigine helped me with the headaches and some muscle spasms I was having at the time but not the VS.

I find after waking up, meditating for 20 mins, followed by 10 mins of stretching ( especially neck stretches), followed  an hour of gym helps me greatly.

I’m trying different things all the time, I’m now trying CBD pills to see if this works.

my advice… Panicking and stressing will only make the symptoms worsen!   Keep trying different things and see what works for you.



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