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    Sheena WrightSheena Wright

    Hi Everyone,

    I am not sure how much this forum is used but I wanted to share my story. Over 5 years ago I got a virus that left me with visual snow symptoms. I experience brain fog, static, and at times I have floaters. I have spent thousands of dollars going to doctors and specialist trying to figure out what was going on with me. I have had several tests done such as a MRI, EEG, and ENG. I have done vestibular therapy and vision therapy. I wear tinted glasses while I work on the computer or watch TV. I also wear special goggles at night before falling asleep that helps to calm my nervous system. I have had bouts of depression and anxiety. Overall not much has helped, I have had some improvement with the vestibular therapy. The anxiety piece and brain fog is hard but I have yet to find anything to really help with that, if anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Although I do not enjoy having visual snow I am glad that I have found others who also experience similar symptoms so I don’t feel so alone. Friends and family have been there for me but they don’t truly understand what I go through. I just recently got my diagnosis even though I have been living this way for years. If anyone needs to talk I am here, thanks

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