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    Paul Mitchelson
    Paul Mitchelson

    Hi All,

    My name is Paul and as the title may suggest I have suffered from visual snow for 45 years or so. I do not remember precisely how long, although have a vivid recollection of my first visit to a doctor to address the symptoms as a teenager and being made to feel like a raving lunatic! Roll forward from 1973 to today and it is so comforting to find sites such as this that recognise the condition that we all know so well. I am extremely fortunate that I am limited to just countless white spots before the eyes and none of the other symptoms that affect so many others. I do have tinnitus in my left ear but am fairly convinced that this is a result of a misspent youth at too many loud rock concerts.. I still attend as many as possible today!

    Congratulations to Davin on creating such a comprehensive and informative website!





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