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    Paul MitchelsonPaul Mitchelson

    Hi All,

    My name is Paul and as the title may suggest I have suffered from visual snow for 45 years or so. I do not remember precisely how long, although have a vivid recollection of my first visit to a doctor to address the symptoms as a teenager and being made to feel like a raving lunatic! Roll forward from 1973 to today and it is so comforting to find sites such as this that recognise the condition that we all know so well. I am extremely fortunate that I am limited to just countless white spots before the eyes and none of the other symptoms that affect so many others. I do have tinnitus in my left ear but am fairly convinced that this is a result of a misspent youth at too many loud rock concerts.. I still attend as many as possible today!

    Congratulations to Davin on creating such a comprehensive and informative website!





    Jake BristowJake Bristow

    Hi Paul!

    My name’s Jake. I’m 22 and recently just found this website (and this condition). I’ve been suffering with an un-diagnosable condition for the past ~8 years, and after finding this I think I’m probably excited to attribute my problem to this, as it very closely resembles what I have.

    I’d love to hear more about what it is you ‘see’ with this condition, and if it in any way resembles my symptoms. If you wouldn’t mind, you could shoot me and email and we could discuss more?


    Paul MitchelsonPaul Mitchelson

    Hi Jake,

    Thank you very much for getting in touch! I have also read your post elsewhere on the forum.

    My symptoms are relatively limited and the main issue is seeing countless white flickering spots 24/7 with occasional floaters that I suspect are age related and in any event non-intrusive, unlike the white spots. I have been short sighted since the age of 7 and this peaked at 7.5. The short sight has improved over the last couple of years to 6.5, the benefit of getting older! I have become accustomed to the white spots over the years and while particularly frustrating in the dark or poor light, the spots fortunately are not debilitating. I do notice that the spots become more conspicuous and pulsating if I awake from a bad dream for a minute or so. Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon?

    My reading of VS on this website and elsewhere suggest that the syndrome features a number of differing symptoms which are not common to all sufferers. It is all too possible then for you not to be affected by the white flickering spots shown on this website but by a whole range of other issues. I recall watching a piece from the conference held earlier this year on YouTube where Professor Goadsby mentions that the symptoms are not universal to all and that is a complication in the research into VS.

    I hope that you may find the above helpful. Good luck in getting a diagnosis of your condition and hopefully some peace of mind!!

    Kind regards










Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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