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    P 2DP2D

    Hey all,

    25 from London here. Have had VS for as long as I can remember, have also got an eye condition called retinitis pigmentosa which I thought played a part in it, but I don’t think it does…

    Have had quite a tough time with VS, symptoms include the classic snow like film over my eyes, small/medium size spots which blur my vision. Alongside this have the tinnitus which gets worse as the VS gets worse.

    When the VS is really bad I get the depersonalisation and derealisation, which is the most difficult and scary part, feeling like you’re disassociated with the world is not nice.

    Anyways glad (but sorry!) to hear there are others like me, going through the same thing, I was diagnosed with migraine aura but just didn’t think that fit, I know for sure that I have visual snow.

    If anyone needs a chat or wants to discuss and compare their symptoms then feel free to drop a reply.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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