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    Matt WilliMatt Willi

    Saw your post on ppl w/ VS site. Site looks good; looking forward to posting. My story is rather unique. All my symptoms are positive or neutral. I experience no vision loss or migraine. My static is all-colored and appears constantly as background noise, but does not impede vision. I also have a ringing in my ears that only becomes noticeable when in the presence of a wifi transmitter or similar broadcasting device. This, however, does not impede, and in fact, often seems to sharpen my hearing.

    I believe VS (at least in my own case) to be an evolutionary device. I believe it is tied to the body’s internal magnetic sense, a phenomenon known as magnetoreception. Modern science has yet to verify the existence of such a sense in humans, but I have been aware of my own magnetic sense since early childhood, and seek to share my unique story with the community. I believe that with the proper understanding and conditioning, VS can be controlled and, eventually, put to positive use.

    Davin Basidavin

    Hello Matt! Thank you for your positive comments about the site and for signing up and posting! The forum is a bit dead at the moment but I hope it soon picks up 🙂 It’s really interesting, and I suppose kind of nice haha, to hear how you view VS as a positive thing. For me (and, from what I gather, many other people) the symptoms are quite negative, but of course each person is different. Just out of curiosity, would you rather have VS or not? Thanks for sharing Matt!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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