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    Issy HaverlyIssy Haverly

    Hello all, we are new here (my young daughter experiences VS and has done for years, we have only just discovered what it is called as for years she would just say she saw ‘pixels’ everywhere and thought that was normal!

    My question is she also has a stammer, I wondered if there was a link? Does anyone else suffer with both at the same time? She finds it hard to read as the words move and although we are going to test for dyslexia I’m not sure this is what the problem is.


    Davin Basidavin

    Hello Issy!

    Thank you for posting on the forum. Glad that you finally discovered the name of the condition.

    I haven’t personally heard of any link between a stammer and VS. My gut instinct is that they are completely separate conditions, but I guess anything is possible given the bizarre nature of Visual Snow Syndrome. I’ve shared this on the Visual Snow Facebook Group so perhaps someone else can give you a better answer.

    In terms of the words moving, what you’re describing is a form of pattern glare or visual stress (check out the symptoms page). It’s a common symptom of dyslexia and VS.  Hopefully the dyslexia test will provide some insight on exactly which condition is causing it; it may be one, the other or both.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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