Everyone can help the bid to defeat Visual Snow Syndrome in some way.


You could donate money to the Eye On Vision Foundation (EOVF) (click here to do so). The Eye On Vision Foundation is a registered American charity set up by Jenny Ambrose who has Visual Snow Syndrome. It is the only charity in the world that supports research into VS. Without the EOVF and Jenny’s valiant efforts, many of the important pieces of research into VS would never have taken place; this is because very little funding from other sources is given for VS research simply because the condition is so rare and poorly acknowledged.  A cure for VS will only be found if people donate to the cause, and unfortunately right now not enough donations are being made. The sad reality is that the only current barrier to finding a cure is money – we have expert researchers such as Dr Goadsby and Dr Schankin who are poised to continue research and are very confident of finding a cure. So please donate! It does not matter whether you donate £1 or £1,000, every contribution really does help. The money goes directly into funding research into VS, and does not get lost in admin. 

Raise awareness

You could try to raise awareness of the existence and impact of Visual Snow Syndrome. If you suffer from VS, instead of trying to keep the condition to yourself (which is understandable if you do this), spread the word. Talk to your family members and friends about your experiences. Even if some people are dismissive, there will be people who want to listen and show concern. There are also so many other ways to raise awareness: you could try to appear in your local newspaper, do a small fundraiser, or take part in sponsored walks; anything that gets the word out there about the condition is good. You can do all these things even if you do not suffer from the condition. Lack of awareness is one of the key problems with Visual Snow Syndrome, so every little bit of publicity really does help. 

Volunteer for studies

If you have Visual Snow Syndrome you can volunteer to take part in future research and trials, which will hopefully lead to a cure. For more information on how to do this, click here.

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