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    Cara LennonCara Lennon

    Hey everyone!

    I’ve had VS my whole life, the clear kind, with minimal other symptoms. When I was little I would convince myself variously that I was seeing atoms moving, that it was ether with ghosts in it, that it was a wall to another plane of existence that only I could see and that I could break through it with my mind-powers if I got them strong enough. I named one of the ghosts-things Norman. It was my imaginary friend for a while.

    I also read/watched a lot of sci fi and fantasy. Can you tell?

    I have a feeling what I’m about to ask is weird even for a super rare condition or illness or whatever this is.

    Can anyone else make shapes in their VS by thinking about it?

    Pick blank bit of wall and stare at it. Think ‘circle’ or ‘square’. When I do this, I actually see that shape emerge in the VS. For a few seconds, then it dissipates.

    When I was a kid practicing what I half-thought were psychic powers, this was one of the ‘exercises’ I invented for myself. I was working up to moving a pencil with my mind. Then, you know, portal to another dimension. I never got the pencil moving, but if I had of done, watch out universe!

    I guess I’m also interested in how people who had VS when they were younger interpreted it, whether or not they were aware they were different at the time. Did anyone else invent stories that explained it?



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