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    Jake BristowJake Bristow

    Hi all!

    My name is Jake, I’m 22 years old, and I am quite badly shortsighted (around -9.00 in both eyes). I have been short sighted from the age of 3, but around the age of 13/14, glasses stopped being as effective. I had to sit nearer to board at school and couldn’t understand why going to the opticians didn’t correct my prescription in the way it did with other people.

    Eight years on, I find it incredibly hard to recognise people’s faces, to the point where people mistake my ignorance of their presence for rudeness (which isn’t doing wonders for my career). On top of this, I find it hard to do my job as a software engineer, which primarily involves looking at several screens for 8 hours (+) a day.

    I have spent the past 5 years going to Moorfields (UK eye hospital) and opticians to try and diagnose this problem. Each time I get dismissed with “visual migranes”, with the opticians telling me my eyes are perfectly healthy and there are no issues (despite standard sight issues).

    My symptoms were always difficult to explain, mostly because I can’t focus on the issue. I describe it as an intermittent fuzz over my vision, peripheral and central, which makes it difficult to focus on things – so much so that eye tests can come out differently depending on how the fuzz is behaving. More recently I started describing it as “like a very transparent TV static”, as this is what it more closely resembles. It’s like tiny floaters that flash up and vanish, but they aren’t floaters because i can see and focus on my actual floaters if I try. These mystery dots are gone so quickly that I can’t focus on them enough to give a proper description.

    On top of this, some days I can be very bad and see blue flashes of light. Floaters can be worse on some days, and I can have images remain in my vision after I have stopped looking at the object – this is especially worse in the dark, where I can see 8-9 trailing images of an object while turning away from it. It’s much more comfortable to just close my eyes.

    After recently finding an article on Visual Snow, I got very excited. The symptoms seemed to describe my condition perfectly, in a way I could never do to doctors or opticians. After doing more research I concluded that this must be my issue, and I have arranged appointments with my local Doctor’s and Moorfields for a proper diagnosis.

    Upon finding this website, however, the image on the front page (which I assume is meant to represent what VS is like for sufferers), doesn’t accurately depict what I see. Firstly, I’d like to reiterate it’s hard for me to describe it because when I try and look at whatever these obscuring dots in my vision are, they are gone, so it’s hard to define colour, shape, etc. But the image on the home screen almost looks like an out of focus camera with large blurred dots.

    My condition is closer to tiny black dots, flashing up and disappearing in an instant, all over my vision constantly. It doesn’t blur my vision, but it fuzzes it. The difference here is that things don’t seem out of focus, they seem obstructed or incomplete.

    I was just wondering, as a newcomer to the forum, if anyone could verify if the picture on the home page doesn’t necessarily accurately depict the conditoin. And, if all other symptoms are present, it’s safe to assume that the obstructing flashing tiny dots in my vision are, in fact, likely to be VS-related.

    If so, I’m glad I can finally put a name to this condition, and hopefully raise awareness and bring in more funding for an incredibly debilitating disorder.

    Thanks for reading if you got this far!

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