Imagine dots flickering throughout your vision. 24/7. Without a cure.

This is the reality for thousands of people across the globe who suffer from Visual Snow Syndrome.

Visual Snow Syndrome is a rare but devastating neurological condition that can affect an individual’s vision, hearing, and cognitive functioning. As its name suggests, the condition’s hallmark symptom is ‘visual snow’. It’s like seeing the world through a film of static or snow similar to that seen on badly-tuned television. But it gets worse – the visual snow usually comes with a whole host of other (often worse) symptoms. Check out the rest of this website, which contains graphics and pictures of the various symptoms, to learn more.

Currently very little is known about Visual Snow Syndrome, and there is no cure for the condition. Many people live in fear of the condition for years, anxious and utterly confused as to what is happening to their vision. All of this is compounded by a lack of understanding from doctors and others, who are often unaware of the existence of the syndrome.

We are a charity operating in England and Wales since 2018, regulated by the Charity Commission and recognised as charitable by HMRC.

We actively raise public awareness of Visual Snow Syndrome – mainly through our website – to help patients, friends, and family understand and come to terms with their symptoms. We also work to raise awareness specifically within the medical profession, where currently Visual Snow Syndrome has no official widespread recognition. We aspire to see a world where sufferers are given a clear diagnosis the very first time they seek medical help, rather than being left in the dark for years.

We see improving our understanding and awareness of Visual Snow Syndrome as just the first step. Step two is achieving the ultimate ambition – finding a treatment for a disease that has destroyed far too many lives. To this end, we proactively seek donations and undertake fundraisers, the money from which is applied directly to ground-breaking research into the condition.

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