Crowdfunding campaign

The Visual Snow Initiative has launched a Crowdrise crowd-funding campaign that will run from 1 October 2018 to 1 December 2018 which we are taking part in. Every dollar donated will be matched by a corporate donor up to $25,000, so donating through this method may result in twice the impact.

All donations will go directly into the Visual Snow Global Research Fund, which was established and is administered by The Visual Snow Initiative. The Fund is distributed to key research teams across the world as and when it is needed, particularly Professor Goadsby’s team at the University of California San Francisco, Professor Fielding and Professor White’s group at Monash University (Australia) and Doctor Pelak’s team at the University of Colorado Denver. 

When donating please be sure to support Team Visual Snow Foundation and please consider joining the team and creating your own fundraiser – any help would be greatly appreciated! Unfortunately, Crowdrise charges processing fees, particularly a flat $0.30 fee per transaction plus an additional 2.9% cut, though donors do have the option of covering this additional charge. Usually 90% of donors exercise the option to cover the charge, but if not The Visual Snow Initiative’s organisers have kindly agreed to personally pay the charge. Please note that UK taxpayers cannot Gift Aid through this method.  

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