Research update: imaging and questionnaire study

Jen Ambrose – the founder of Eye On Vision Foundation – has provided an update about the research being done in London:

‘Patients are actively being recruited for the imaging study and three subjects have completed it to date.’

The questionnaire study has received several responses back, but not nearly the amount of responses back that we need. Please, when you receive the request to complete the diary, please complete and send back via the instructions. The first questionnaire that you send back is only part one. When the doctors write you back, they will need you to complete part two and send that back as well. I will include part one here again for those who have not completed this yet.’

Whilst it’s great that progress is being made, the progress is slow – if you recall, recruitment for this study actually began back in February (see here). To help speed up this process it is important that, if possible, you donate as we have nowhere near enough funds to truly push research forward. Also, please participate in the questionnaire study to generate more data to help the researchers understand the condition.



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